sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

Animal descriptions

                                                      Animals Descriptions

 A turtle lives in the water in rivers,in seas...buy it can walk on the sand. A turtle eats tomatoes,lettuce...It is as small as a hamster.Turtle is as green as a plant.It is slower 
than a fish, but it is faster than a snail.

Lions live in the savanna.It is mammals. They're eats meat of animals as zebras...Lion is as big as a tiger but  it is more powerful than other animals.It's got long hair in 
its head.I think  it is the most beautiful animal.

An elephant lives in Africa.It eats leaves.It's got big ears and a long nose.It's got long tain.It's the heaviest animal in the savanna. An elephant moves slowly ,but it's more dangerous than a hyppo.
I think it's as nice as a lion.

martes, 18 de abril de 2017



Football is the king of sport in Spanish.Everybody can play it.
You play it on a big pitch.
You only use a ball.
There are two teams with eleven players in each one .
You must hit the ball and try to get it into the opposite goal.
You mustn't do it  otherwise.
The winner is the team who has more goals.