viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

Dialogues Unit 3



A:Where do you listen to music?
B: I ever listen to music in my mobile because It's confortable        and easy. 
 A:I always listen to music on my computer,but it's more uncomfortable.
B:In the mobile is easier,from  using the phone instead of the computer.
A:Thank you
A:When do you listen to music?     
B:I listen to music every day because I think It's relawing.
A:Do you do sport?
B:Yes,of course.I recommend you because It's healthy and It's good for you.   
A:How often do you do sport?
B:I do sport three times a week in the gym because you can practice differents sports.
    The Internet
A:Why do you use Internet?
B:I use Internet because I weed it for school
    Junk Food
A:How often do you eat junk food?
B:I never eat junk food because It's unhealthy,I prefer vegetables.
A:Do you like junk food
B:Oh,yes of course.I usually eat junk food at weekends.


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